problems with slow connections

Simon Josefsson simon at
Tue Apr 21 15:13:49 CEST 2009

"Code Join" <info at> writes:

> I have build on my own a server application and a client application using the 2.7.3 library with Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express. Till I have tested my application with local connection everythings has gone ok. My first test with remote connections has failed.
> The client shuts with socket error 10060 and the server reports the minimal log you can see in screenshoot.

Can you enable more debugging?  E.g. something like this:

static void
tls_log_func (int level, const char *str)
  fprintf (stderr, "|<%d>| %s", level, str);

gnutls_global_set_log_function (tls_log_func);
gnutls_global_set_log_level (4711);

It may be that the client or server is simply misconfigured wrt

> Can I use setsockopt to set my timeout?



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