Camellia block cipher don't work on current developers' releases 2.3.x.

Yoshisato YANAGISAWA yanagisawa at
Sat May 10 03:41:36 CEST 2008

>>>> The other problem is that camellia block cipher is disabled by configure
>>>> script even if the user using libgcrypt with camellia block cipher and
>>>> configured with --enable-camellia option.  You can repeat the problem by
>>>> installing libgcrypt to no default directory such as /tmp/test, and then
>>>> pointing the directory with --with-libgcrypt-prefix=/tmp/test as option
>>>> of the configure script.
>>> This is quite strange. As I see the configure file does:
>>> test -n "`$LIBGCRYPT_CONFIG --algorithms | grep -i camellia`"
>>> to check for camellia. Was the correct libgcrypt detected by the
>>> configure script?
>> Not only this statements detects camellia block cipher but also m4
>> script in lgl/m4.  As far as I tested, gc-camellia.m4 in lgl/m4 also
>> affect enabling or disabling Camellia block cipher.
> How does it affect that?  With your patch now applied, I don't think the
> gc-camellia.m4 test changes anything for how gnutls behaves.  In other
> words, even if the gc-camellia.m4 test fails, camellia should still work
> in gnutls.

I misunderstood the situation.
It don't affect enabling or disabling Camellia but it shows wrong
message "checking for camellia in libgcrypt... no" even if Camellia is

Is this script really required? That is because this script seems not to
affect anywhere.

Yoshisato Yanagisawa (Dr.Sc.) <yanagisawa at>

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