gnutls 2.3.2 build fail because of opencdk

Simon Josefsson simon at
Mon Mar 10 12:15:14 CET 2008

Roman Bogorodskiy <novel at> writes:

> When I try to build gnutls 2.3.2 without opencdk, it fails to build, the
> log attached. It seems it fails because there's no
> "-I$(top_srcdir)/lib/opencdk" flag in libextra/ in
> AM_CPPFLAGS variable. However, this problem won't show up on a system
> with opencdk installed since it will pick opencdk.h from
> /usr/local/include (or whatever standard include path on a system).
> Adding -I$(top_srcdir)/lib/opencdk to AM_CPPFLAGS in
> libextra/ solves the problem for me.

Thanks for the report.  That is a workaround, but the real fix was to
remove libextra/gnutls_extra.h, as far as I could tell it is not needed
any more.  Fixed in trunk, see:;a=commitdiff;h=749abd0331001e05f82967a597552aa6f5db0563


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