[FICORA #130447] Vulnerability issue co-ordination

Simon Josefsson simon at josefsson.org
Sat Mar 8 10:40:08 CET 2008

"CERT-FI Vulnerability Coordination" <vulncoord at ficora.fi> writes:

> Good Morning,
> I am in charge of vulnerability co-ordination in CERT-FI, the Finnish
> national Computer Emergency Response Team. We are currently handling,
> a vulnerability case which potentially involves your products.
> I would like to PGP, S/MIME or other cryptographic keys with you to
> share vulnerability data and discuss the case in a secure manner. You
> can find our PGP key for vulnerability co-ordination, and my personal
> S/MIME keys in my signature.

You can find my PGP key in the GnuTLS distribution itself (in the
AUTHORS file), or retrieve it from <http://josefsson.org/key.txt>, or
retrieve the key from any PGP key server searching for the fingerprint
that signs GnuTLS distributions (i.e., b565716f).

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