HUGE_VAL on Solaris

Simon Josefsson simon at
Mon Jun 30 11:18:46 CEST 2008

Albert Chin <gnutls-devel at> writes:

>> Does any of the suggested work-arounds work for you?  I.e., add the
>> following before the line containing "cfg+.h" in src/cfg/shared.c:
>> #define HUGE_VAL (__builtin_huge_val())
>> This work-around appears to work on the solaris 5.10 I have access to.
>> I'm not sure if we can detect this brokenness in a clean way, but
>> patches are welcome.  Otherwise, perhaps this message can serve as
>> sufficient documentation to work around this gcc problem.
> It's only a problem with --std=gnu99. We just build without that
> (ac_cv_prog_cc_c99=no) and things are ok.

Ok, great, so there are two workarounds for the compiler problem in case
someone else runs into this as well.


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