Do we need to bump the shared library version for 2.4.0?

Simon Josefsson simon at
Sat Jun 7 22:29:40 CEST 2008

I propose to avoid bumping the shared library version for 2.4.0, to save
most people a lot of hassles with recompiling packages.  Further, the
release notes will say that we have moved symbols from libgnutls-extra
to libgnutls, and that if anyone encounters a significant problem on
some platform which would be solved by bumping the shared library
version, we acknowledge that we will be forced to release a 2.4.1 with
the ABI version bumped, treating the decision made for 2.4.0 to not bump
the ABI a bug.

This approach isn't the most conservative choice (that would be to bump
the ABI version), but given the feedback I've seen so far, people prefer
to not bump the ABI version.

What do you think?

Thanks to all those who provided feedback,

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