GnuTLS 2.5.2

Simon Josefsson simon at
Tue Jul 8 17:44:08 CEST 2008

The GnuTLS 2.5.x branch is NOT what you want for your stable system.  It
is intended for developers and experienced users.

Here are the compressed sources:

Improving GnuTLS is costly, but you can help!  We are looking for
organizations that find GnuTLS useful and wish to contribute back.  You
can contribute by reporting bugs, improve the software, or donate money
or equipment.

Commercial support contracts for GnuTLS are available, and they help
finance continued maintenance.  Simon Josefsson Datakonsult, a
Stockholm based privately held company, is currently funding GnuTLS
maintenance.  We are always looking for interesting development
projects.  See for more details.


* Version 2.5.2 (released 2008-07-08)

** libgnutls: Fix bug in gnutls_dh_params_generate2.
The prime and generator was swapped.

** libgnutls: New interface to register a new TLS extension handler.
The new function gnutls_ext_register can be used to register handlers
for specific TLS extension types.  The callback functions have the new
types gnutls_ext_recv_func and gnutls_ext_send_func.  A type to
classify TLS extensions, gnutls_ext_parse_type_t, has been added as

** Move more code for TLS/IA extension from libgnutls to libgnutls-extra.
This was made possible by using the new gnutls_ext_register interface.
The TLS/IA functionality has only been supported through the
libgnutls-extra library, so it makes sense for the code to belong
there too.

** API and ABI modifications:
gnutls_ext_recv_func: ADDED
gnutls_ext_send_func: ADDED
gnutls_ext_parse_type_t: ADDED
gnutls_ext_register: ADDED
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