GnuTLS and RFC2712?

Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos nmav at
Fri Jan 25 08:44:45 CET 2008

> I can tell you that putting this into a separate libgnutls-shishi will make
> it much easier for distributions to package GnuTLS. Requiring shishi as a
> mandatory prerequisite for libgnutls-extra will have one of three results:

> 3) Distributions will always package GnuTLS with shishi support turned off
> via configure, (or a configure patch).

Why someone wouldn't want to include the shishi support? I can
understand these arguments for SRP which is turned off by some
distributions due to previous patent threats, but I don't think there
is something like it around shishi. If a module system is implemented
it should not be only for shishi, but it should affect all gnutls auth
methods and algorithms. For the moment, since this support doesn't
exist formally, using the gnutls-extra is the appropriate way to add
kerberos. (actually implementing a module system is not hard given how
code is organized, but it requires time I don't have).


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