[gnutls-dev] Porting bug fixes to 1.6.x

Ludovic Courtès ludovic.courtes at laas.fr
Tue May 29 14:11:03 CEST 2007

Hi Simon,

Simon Josefsson <simon at josefsson.org> writes:

> Hi Ludovic.  I am sorry these patches didn't make it for 1.6.3, but I
> had to cut the line somewhere, and I felt these hadn't been reviewed
> sufficiently for back-porting yet.  We can still make a 1.6.4 soon if
> you want.

Alright, no problem.

> Yes, I think we should push out 1.8.0 (or 2.0.0) within a few weeks or
> so, if we can settle all open issues with it.  Perhaps that would be
> sufficient, and you don't need 1.6.x with (only some of) the OpenPGP
> fixes?  1.8 will contain the new OpenCDK 0.6.x and all the fixes.

If 1.8 is so close, then we (at least I) can probably live without
back-porting bug fixes into 1.6.  Initially, I thought 1.8 was further
away from now.

> The git repository at repo.or.cz is what I'm using for 1.7.x development
> now, so you could start right now.  I don't really know much about git
> though, so when you are done, you'll probably have to tell me what
> commands to invoke, or we'll have to experiment, so I can pull your
> changes from you into my git archive.

So far I just cloned it, so everything is alright.  ;-)

I'm a Git beginner as well, so we'll have to be cautious I guess.

> Btw, having the guile bindings be part of 1.8 is a good idea.  I think
> it should be a blocking milestone for it.  So now my todo-list for 1.8
> is:
> * Integrate Guile bindings.

Then I'll start working on it this week (that shouldn't be too much

> * Fix sign callback API to be per-credential rather than per-session.

Oh, good.

BTW, will your PCKS#11 work get into 1.8?


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