[gnutls-dev] [PATCH] Fix slow startup under Windows

Gerald Combs gerald at wireshark.org
Wed Jan 31 19:18:33 CET 2007

Attached is a modified version of the patch at
http://www.securitypunk.com/libgcrypt/ which addresses the slow startup
problems with libgcrypt under Windows.  The patch includes following

  - Additional flags are passed to CryptAcquireContext to increase its
    likelihood of success
  - If CryptAcquireContext fails, fall back to slower methods instead of
  - Add Doxygen-compatible comments, including links to MSDN
    documentation (we'll see how long the links stay valid)
  - Add debug logging

A version of GNUTLS with the patch applied has been included with recent
Wireshark builds, and will be in the 0.99.5 release.  The response from
testers has been positive so far.

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