[gnutls-dev] OpenCDK 0.5.13

Simon Josefsson simon at josefsson.org
Thu Feb 1 11:43:24 CET 2007

The OpenCDK library implement basic parts of the OpenPGP message
format.  The aim of the library is *not* to replace any available
OpenPGP version.  There will be no support for key management (sign,
revoke, alter preferences, ...) and some other parts are only
rudimentary available.  The main purpose is to handle and understand
OpenPGP packets and to use basic operations.  For example,
encrypt/decrypt, sign/verify and packet parsing routines.  The library
is used by GnuTLS for OpenPGP support.

Noteworthy changes in version 0.5.13 (2007-02-01)

* Fixed shared library for newly added APIs in last release.

* Add -no-undefined to LDFLAGS, to make opencdk build under mingw32.

* Add AC_LIBTOOL_WIN32_DLL to configure.ac, which is required for
* libtool to behave correctly for cross-compiles to mingw32.

* Use gnulib for mingw32 support.

Noteworthy changes in version 0.5.12 (2007-02-01)

* Add new API to extract public/secret OpenPGP key to S-expr.
The functions are cdk_pubkey_to_sexp and cdk_seckey_to_sexp.  Patch by
Mario Lenz <mario.lenz at gmx.net>.

* Autoconf 2.60 and automake 1.10 are now required.

* Doc fixes.

Commercial support contracts for OpenCDK are available, and they help
finance continued maintenance.  Simon Josefsson Datakonsult, a
Stockholm based privately held company, is currently funding OpenCDK
maintenance.  We are always looking for interesting development
projects.  See http://josefsson.org/ for more details.

If you need help to use OpenCDK, or want to help others, you are
invited to join our help-gnutls mailing list, see:

Here are the compressed sources (588KB):

Here are GPG detached signatures using key 0xB565716F:

The software is cryptographically signed by the author using an
OpenPGP key identified by the following information:

pub   1280R/B565716F 2002-05-05 [expires: 2007-02-15]
uid                  Simon Josefsson <jas at extundo.com>
uid                  Simon Josefsson <simon at josefsson.org>
sub   1280R/4D5D40AE 2002-05-05 [expires: 2007-02-15]
sub   1024R/09CC4670 2006-03-18 [expires: 2007-04-22]
sub   1024R/AABB1F7B 2006-03-18 [expires: 2007-04-22]
sub   1024R/A14C401A 2006-03-18 [expires: 2007-04-22]

The key is available from:

Here are the SHA-1 and SHA-224 checksums:

bff9daabfe8f20824e4d167a9dc11e0908f11370  opencdk-0.5.13.tar.gz
83f37a0551027849ec9905262334525cccb201cf  opencdk-0.5.13.tar.gz.sig

2a790fc3175f6c6fe1e7d4616eef1ca3f8cb7966eeffba4c12fdad94  opencdk-0.5.13.tar.gz
7ac5ac3583f7fd88b65cc42a18cc2736dca6d08a0438fa839e06f0e4  opencdk-0.5.13.tar.gz.sig

Timo, Nikos, Simon
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