[gnutls-dev] Building libgpg-error/libgcrypt/libtasn1/gnutls/gsasl without autoconf on uClinux

Simon Josefsson simon at josefsson.org
Wed Aug 22 12:21:04 CEST 2007

Werner Koch <wk at gnupg.org> writes:

> On Tue, 21 Aug 2007 13:14, simon at josefsson.org said:
>> Sometimes it can be useful to build things without the autoconf
>> ./configure machinery, and just use a simple and hand-maintained
>> makefile and config.h.  This is needed to build things in older uClinux
>> environments.
> Is this due to libtool?  Back in 2003 I was able to build gpg on uCLinux
> for Coldfire; the configure invocation is still available in autogen.sh.

I didn't even get to libtool, I couldn't get the m68k gcc compiler from
2003 to work in ./configure -- it didn't use a.out as the default output
name, it didn't link to the proper libc by default, and there were many
more problems.

All those problems have been solved in modern versions of the toolchain
and uClinux.  All our packages build fine using a simple ./configure

The only reason for anyone to want to look at this work if they are
using very broken toolchains that can never be supported by proper
./configure usage.  Unfortunately, that situation seems to happen often
enough for me that it became useful to try and publish something


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