[gnutls-dev] Fixing OpenPGP keyring import

Timo Schulz twoaday at gmx.net
Wed Apr 18 19:49:43 CEST 2007

Simon Josefsson wrote:

>> We decided that opencdk base64 decodes the CDK_DBTYPE_DATA object,
>> right?
> Yeah, I think so. (Ludovic, correct me if I'm wrong.)

OK, I will post the patch then.

> I think it may better not to back-port this stuff to the nmav branch.
> Let's aim for GnuTLS changing to use OpenCDK HEAD instead.

That's exactly my position. This avoids to double mantain two branches
and it probably fixes other problems.

> Sure, although please don't change any API/ABI without discussing it
> first.  Since we are talking about a big API/ABI break with moving to
> OpenCDK HEAD, I think an addition API/ABI break is a no-no, but it

I agree with it. All patches I would commit were just bug fixes and
wouldn't change any existing interface. That's why I want to discuss
the migration. Then we know what functions are missing or need to be
changed and we can do the migration and new code in a row.

> Sounds good...  since 1.7.8 was just released, if your changes are
> relatively safe you could install your fixes to GnuTLS on HEAD right

At least the CDK_DBTYPE_DATA patch is safe.

> now, and we can aim for 1.7.9 to mostly just do the OpenCDK upgrade.
> I do want to have HEAD in a buildable stage for most of the time, so
> if you think you'll need more than a few days of time to finish the
> migration, let's create a branch for it.  What do you think?

Hmm, first I need to check how much code I would need to change and how
fast I can test the changes. But I don't think it will take longer than
2-3 days. I actually hope <= 2 days but I need to check the code first.


I attached the patch, but if we do the upgrade now (or better soon as
possible), it is not needed because the OpenCDK HEAD fixes the problem.

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