[gnutls-dev] Problem with passphrase (opencdk-0.5.8)

Rafael Martin rafaelbuitre at yahoo.it
Mon May 15 12:23:29 CEST 2006


  I create a pair of keys using opencdk libraries:

cdk_keygen_set_algo_info(hd, 0, CDK_PK_RSA, key_len);
cdk_keygen_set_name (hd, name);
cdk_keygen_set_expire_date (hd, 0, 864000);
cdk_keygen_set_passphrase (hd, "a");
cdk_keygen_start (hd);
cdk_keygen_save (hd, "file.pub", "file.priv");

and then I import the private key in gnupg:

gpg --import file.priv

The import works fine but, when I try to use that key (e.g. to sign):

gpg -u file --sign something

Gnupg ask me for the passphrase and SURPRISE!!! it doesn't accept the one I've
set (in this case 'a')

Any idea? On my opinion the problem seems to occure when saving the key to file
but I couldn't solve it.


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