[gnutls-dev] Re: Compiler warnings on 64bit archs

Andreas Metzler ametzler at downhill.at.eu.org
Fri Jun 16 19:59:18 CEST 2006

On 2006-06-16 Simon Josefsson <jas at extundo.com> wrote:
> Andreas Metzler <ametzler at downhill.at.eu.org> writes:
>> building gnutls 1.4.0 (or 1.2.11) on a 64bit arch (amd64, ia64, ...)
>> triggers a couple of cast warnings:

> Thanks!  Patches to fix these problems are always appreciated.

This is out of my league, I just was pointed to these warning as
something that *might* be a real bug.

>> ------------------------
>> gnutls_buffers.c:268: warning: cast from pointer to integer of different size
>> gnutls_buffers.c:704: warning: cast from pointer to integer of different size
> ...

> Storing integers within pointers is safe, isn't it?  Compare:

> http://developer.gnome.org/doc/API/2.0/glib/glib-Type-Conversion-Macros.html

I did not know this page. ;-)
The problem is that on some systems you need to do this:
p = (void*) (long) 42;
i = (int) (long) p;

On my ix86 system the glib macros look like this
#define GPOINTER_TO_INT(p)      ((gint)   (p))
#define GINT_TO_POINTER(i)      ((gpointer)  (i))

However on alpha, ia64 and am64
#define GPOINTER_TO_INT(p)      ((gint)  (glong) (p))
#define GINT_TO_POINTER(i)     ((gpointer) (glong) (i))

With the respective types defined (identical on all four platforms) in
typedef void* gpointer;
typedef int    gint;
typedef long   glong;

The arch-dependend file is generated by ./configure.in using
case $ac_cv_sizeof_void_p in
$ac_cv_sizeof_int)      glib_gpi_cast=''        glib_gpui_cast=''         ;;
$ac_cv_sizeof_long)     glib_gpi_cast='(glong)' glib_gpui_cast='(gulong)' ;;
*)                      glib_unknown_void_p=yes ;;
#define GPOINTER_TO_INT(p)      ((gint)  ${glib_gpi_cast} (p))
#define GPOINTER_TO_UINT(p)     ((guint) ${glib_gpui_cast} (p))

#define GINT_TO_POINTER(i)      ((gpointer) ${glib_gpi_cast} (i))
#define GUINT_TO_POINTER(u)     ((gpointer) ${glib_gpui_cast} (u))

I guess gnutls would need to use a similar approach. FWIW I just ran a
short test, this patch
--- gnutls_buffers.c.orig       2006-06-16 17:50:33.000000000 +0000
+++ gnutls_buffers.c    2006-06-16 17:52:18.000000000 +0000
@@ -265,7 +265,7 @@

       if (session->internals._gnutls_pull_func == NULL)
-       i = recv ((int) fd, &ptr[sizeOfPtr - left], left, flags);
+       i = recv ((int) (long) fd, &ptr[sizeOfPtr - left], left, flags);
        i = session->internals._gnutls_pull_func (fd,
                                                  &ptr[sizeOfPtr -
@@ -701,7 +701,7 @@

       if (session->internals._gnutls_push_func == NULL)
-       i = send ((int) fd, &ptr[n - left], left, 0);
+       i = send ((int) (long) fd, &ptr[n - left], left, 0);
        i = session->internals._gnutls_push_func (fd, &ptr[n - left], left);
indeed gets rid of the two warnings for this file on ia64 (but breaks
on i386 of course).

> How large is 'int' on your platform?  How large is 'void*'?

According to ./configure in the respective buildlogs

alpha, ia64, amd64
checking size of unsigned long... 8
checking size of unsigned int... 4
checking size of unsigned char*... 8

thanks, cu andreas
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