[gnutls-dev] Development branch open, daily snapshots

Simon Josefsson jas at extundo.com
Mon Jun 12 15:19:57 CEST 2006

We've branched off the stable 1.4.x branch from the CVS trunk, the
branch tag is 'gnutls_1_4_x'.  The CVS trunk is now the next
development series, 1.5.x, that will lead to the next stable release,

We'll continue to make release on the 1.4.x branch, to fix any
security problems or to improve the most recent additions (TLS/IA,
TLS-PSK, etc).  We'll hopefully be able to make releases on the 1.2.x
branch to fix security problems.  We don't have resources to maintain
the 1.0.x branch.

We're collecting things to do for 1.5, and they currently include:

- C++ interface

- Continue move to a crypto-library independent backend including
  crypto hardware support (currently stalled because we don't have the
  resources to work on it)

- Perl bindings?

- Datagram-TLS support?

- Implement the draft-salowey-tls-ticket TLS extension?

If you can think of something more, please mention it.  If you'd like
to work on, or sponsor something, we're interested.

I've also improved the daily snapshot build script.  You can now find
daily snapshots for all currently supported branches, see:

http://josefsson.org/daily/gnutls-1.2/ - Old stable 1.2.x branch
http://josefsson.org/daily/gnutls-1.4/ - New stable 1.4.x branch
http://josefsson.org/daily/gnutls/ - Current development branch (1.5.x)

Please test the daily builds!  If there's anything wrong with them,
you'll have to tell us, so we can fix it before the next release.


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