[gnutls-dev] libgnutls failes to parse OpenSSL generated certificates

Max Kellermann max at duempel.org
Wed Dec 20 15:19:10 CET 2006

tag 403887 patch

On 2006/12/20 13:53, Max Kellermann <max at duempel.org> wrote:
>  -- LDAP stuff
>  -- may not be correct
>  [...]
>  ldap-UID ::= IA5String
> Which is indeed not correct.  ldap-UID should be a DirectoryString.

Here is a patch for this bug.  I had to add IA5String to the
DirectoryString CHOICE.  This is obviously incorrect, but seems to be
the only way to ensure that certificates generated by certtool can
also be parsed.  Please correct me if there is a better solution.


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