[gnutls-dev] Re: gnutls 1.2.8 and mingw32

Simon Josefsson jas at extundo.com
Mon Oct 24 13:46:19 CEST 2005

Enrico Tassi <gareuselesinge at users.sourceforge.net> writes:

> I've few problems in cross-compiling gnutls 1.2.8.

Thanks!  After fixing the problems, did the resulting GnuTLS build
work?  I.e., if you built the "anonself" self test, did it work if you
copied it to a Windows machine?

Did you see the thread "Build gnutls on windows" on help-gnutls?  It
seems mingw32 is not a POSIX compatible platform, so even if you
manage to get things to link, the POSIX functions "send", "recv" etc
may not behave as expected.  In particular, they supposedly doesn't
set errno.  I think we could solve all of these problems through
gnulib modules, but it may be quite some work.  Compare "plibc", a
POSIX layer for mingw32.  I believe GnuTLS require POSIX behavior in a
few other places too.

> 1) inet_ntop.h includes sys/socket.h and other unix specific headers
>    while it should do like common.h where this inclusion is conditional
>    to the _WIN32 define
> 2) even if I fix the first problem EAFNOSUPPORT is still undefined in
>    inet_ntop.c (so I added a dummy #define setting it equal to 1) 

I'll look into fixing inet_ntop.


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