[gnutls-dev] living without global variables

Bryan Henderson bryanh at giraffe-data.com
Mon Dec 26 19:25:59 CET 2005

>if you want to do something like that you have to change
>all the x509 parsing functions to accept the "so called" session group.

I see.  I suspected there'd be something outside of session context
like this that uses the global variables.  So those functions would
have to have private-context versions as well.  (The name "session
group" is not great, but I couldn't think of a better name for the
context -- I believe the whole point of using GnuTLS is to make
sessions, so that's where I got that.  I notice OpenSSL just gives up
and calls it "context"!

>So as far as you are concerned gnutls sessions are thread safe, except
>for the libgcrypt part of course.

I agree the sessions are thread safe.  The problem I'm having is with
gnutls_global_init() not being thread safe.

>except for the libgcrypt part of course.

libgcrypt is in the same boat?  I was afraid of that.

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