[gnutls-dev] Re: Compile problem and missing symbol gc_pkcs5_pbkdf2_sha1 and a possible fix?

Simon Josefsson jas at extundo.com
Thu Apr 14 16:48:08 CEST 2005

Mats Rojestal <mats.rojestal at bredband.net> writes:

> I get a missing symbol when i try to build gnutls-1.2.1
> and the missing symbols is gc_pkcs5_pbkdf2_sha1 however i added
> this patch to Makefile.in and did a configure and now it
> compiles and links cleanly.

That symbol should be part of crypto/libgc.la, which should be linked
into libgnutls.la by lib/Makefile.am in:

libgnutls_la_LIBADD = ../crypto/libgc.la x509/libgnutls_x509.la	\

Can you check that gc_pkcs5_pbkdf2_sha1 is defined in crypto/libgc.la?
And then why it isn't picked up by the linker when linking

Which OS is this?


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