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Mon Oct 6 13:36:02 CEST 2003

On  5 Oct, Nikos Mavroyanopoulos wrote:
> This is because the temporary diffie Hellman parameters have to
> be generated by the server. This is done using the '-g' option
> in the gnutls-serv.

Ahh, -g fixed the problem so that gnutls-cli can connect and
communicate.  gnutls-cli-debug and openssl clients give the following

Error in handshake
Error: Could not negotiate a supported cipher suite.

In the 0.9.8 gnutls-cli gives the following when connecting to
openssl servers, but 0.8.6 works ok.

*** Fatal error: ASN1 parser: Generic parsing error.
*** Handshake has failed
GNUTLS ERROR: ASN1 parser: Generic parsing error.

> Is the 0.9.8 version working well on Darwin? I mean is the RSA
> negotiation working in server side? What kind of system is Darwin?

This appears to be a handshaking error, but gnutls-cli gives the
handshaking error when connecting to a "--kx RSA" server, even though
Anon-DH appears to work fine with the -g server.

Darwin is a BSD system, and the GNU-Darwin-x86 version is the newest
free OS.  You are welcome to use our shell server to experiment with
the GNUTLS build on Darwin.  Just send me your desired user name.


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