[gnutls-dev] is ftp.gnutls.org behind a firewall?

Neil Spring nspring at cs.washington.edu
Tue Nov 11 19:13:03 CET 2003

Although other ftp clients work, curl 
ftp://ftp.gnutls.org/pub/crypto/gnutls/devel/gnutls-0.9.97.tar.gz fails 
because curl tries to use the EPSV command.  EPSV returns a port to 
connect to (when I tried, this port was 32225), but connection setup to 
that port times out, presumably because a firewall somewhere doesn't 
know that it should forward the syn packet.

The ftp control connection transcript, reconstructed by ethereal:
250 OK. Current directory is /pub/crypto/gnutls
229 Extended Passive mode OK (|||32225|)

If it's possible, could you pass this along to someone who can fix 
this, either by disabling EPSV-style downloads at the server (I assume 
curl would respond to an error message by falling back to PASV) or by 
telling the firewall to pass the pureftpd-configured port range for 
passive downloads to the ftp server?  Making curl work is somewhat 
important for use with Fink -- although it will try other mirrors 
first, it would be good if the master server was available as a 

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