[gnutls-dev] _gnutls_x509_cert2gnutls_cert fails on FreeBSD

Nikos Mavroyanopoulos nmav at gnutls.org
Sun Apr 20 19:03:01 CEST 2003

On Sun, Apr 20, 2003 at 01:43:18PM +0200, Gergely Nagy wrote:

> > Oh, I'm using GNUTLS 0.8.6 from the ports collection. Browsing the NEWS
> > file of CVS HEAD, I see:
> > - Added an strnstr() function and the requirement in some functions to
> >   use null terminated PEM structures is no more.
> > Might this be relevant?
> (Answering myself:) Yes.
> Would it be possible to backport this to 0.8?

I don't think that this is the case, since your error is a DER parsing
error, and the above patch is not about it. Does the 0.9.x version of
gnutls works for you? If not could you try compiling with enabling
the DEBUG definition in gnutls_int.h?

> Cheers,
> -- 
> Gergely Nagy

Nikos Mavroyanopoulos

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