[gnutls-dev] Feature request: standalone binary

Simon Josefsson simon+gnutls-dev at josefsson.org
Thu Feb 28 22:42:02 CET 2002

The OpenSSL "openssl s_client" is useful for interactive use from the
command line, it would be nice to have this functionality in GNUTLS as
well.  What do you think?

Richard Stallman <rms at gnu.org> writes:

>>     GNUTLS is a library, OpenSSL is both a library and an application.
>>     William's ssl.el invokes the binary.  This is a inflexible method, it
>>     is complicated to find out what algorithms chosed during the TLS
>>     handshake, and generally difficult to do anything interactive during
>>     the TLS handshake.
>> I see why that method is not as flexible.  But it is nonetheless a
>> useful alternative.  If OpenSSL can do it, why can't we do it?
> I am sure "we" as in the GNUTLS developer can do it.  Should I forward
> this request to them?  

Please do.

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