[gnutls-dev] gnutls 0.3.90

Nikos Mavroyanopoulos nmav at gnutls.org
Sun Feb 24 18:47:02 CET 2002

I've just released gnutls 0.3.90, which is a prerelease of 0.4.0.
Changes since 0.3.5:

- Handshake messages are not kept in memory any more. Now we use 
  less memory during a handshake
- Added support for certificates with DSA parameters
- Added DHE_DSS cipher suites
- Key exchange methods changed so they do not depend on the 
  certificate type. Added certificate type negotiation TLS extension.
- Added openpgp key support (EXPERIMENTAL)
- Improved Diffie Hellman key exchange support.
- Bug fixes in the RSA key exchange.
- Added check for the requested TLS extensions
- TLS extensions now use a 16 bit type field.
- Added a minimal string library to assist in ASN.1 parsing
- Changes in ASN.1 parser to work with the new bison
- Added gnutls_x509_extract_subject_alt_name(), which deprecates 
- gnutls_x509_set_trust_(file/mem) can now be called multiple times
- gnutls_srp_server_set_cred_file() can now be called multiple times

Nikos Mavroyanopoulos
mailto:nmav at gnutls.org

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