[gnutls-dev]minor doc fix for ...alt_name()

Andrew McDonald andrew at mcdonald.org.uk
Sun Apr 14 21:04:01 CEST 2002

A minor patch is attached for the description of

The current description talks about "dns names" where it means the more
general "alternative name" - I guess this might be left over from the
original gnutls_extract_dns_name() (or whatever it was called).


Andrew McDonald
E-mail: andrew at mcdonald.org.uk
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--- gnutls_x509.c~	Sun Apr 14 11:49:39 2002
+++ gnutls_x509.c	Sun Apr 14 19:59:10 2002
@@ -479,10 +479,10 @@
   * gnutls_x509_extract_certificate_subject_alt_name - This function returns the peer's alt name, if any
   * @cert: should contain an X.509 DER encoded certificate
   * @seq: specifies the sequence number of the alt name (0 for the first one, 1 for the second etc.)
-  * @ret: is the place where dns name will be copied to
+  * @ret: is the place where the alt name will be copied to
   * @ret_size: holds the size of ret.
-  * This function will return the alternative name (the dns part of it), contained in the
+  * This function will return the alternative names, contained in the
   * given certificate.
   * This is specified in X509v3 Certificate Extensions. 

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