[gnutls-dev] gnutls 0.2.9

Nikos Mavroyanopoulos nmav at hellug.gr
Sat Oct 27 11:01:01 CEST 2001

I've just released gnutls 0.2.9.
It's just a step before 0.3.0 (I haven't done some of the changes I was

The NEWS are:
- AUTH_INFO types and structures were moved to library internals
- AUTH_FAILED is no longer returned in SRP authentication
  (any fatal error in SRP means auth failed)
- Added support for non blocking IO
- gnutls_recv() and gnutls_send() are now obsolete
- Changed semantics of gnutls_rehandshake()

Nikos Mavroyanopoulos
mailto:nmav at hellug.gr

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