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 nm>    1. Document it and request to install SIG_IGN for the SIGPIPE signal before calling
 nm>       gnutls_handshake/gnutls_rehandshake.
 nm>       (that way we detect the error and behave as expected)   

That is easy and maybe you should do it for now.

 nm>    2. Check for pending alerts between reading two messages.


  nm>       [this will not work if the peer closes the connection
  nm>       without an alert]

... this will happen.

 nm>    3. Install the signal handler while doing handshake(), and restore
 nm>       it when leaving (I don't really like it)

IMHO, this is the best way and the reason why POSIX has a sound
specificaton of signals.  Well, the OS just needs to be POSIX
compliant ;-)  MT apps are still a problem but this is the case anyway
with MT.

You might want to provide a flag to disable signal catching so that
the default operation mode works inmost cases.

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