back again

Tarun Upadhyay tarun at
Fri Jun 9 21:33:26 CEST 2000

Hi Nikos,
    Last two days,  I have been able to complete reading your code and
hopefully now I understand it pretty well. I think I am now ready to start.
here are a few questions:
    a) which key exchange protocol we plan to implement next?
    b) where can I find a few helpful pointers on it?
    c) where exactly we plan to add code to "create" server certificates? Is
it in _gnutls_recv_handshake() where dataptr is switched for
GNUTLS_SERVER_KEY_EXCHANGE? should code from here jump to
_gnutls_send_server_kx_message()? Is it the right way of doing it?

I am sorry if this sounds a little ridiculous. however, this is my first
open-source project and I am not sure of many things. hopefully, I will pick
up fast.

with warm regards

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